Live at the Prophouse Cafe

Howdy there,

It’s been a while since I’m posted anything, but for starters, I wish everyone a great 2011. Chinese New Year is coming up, so I’m excited to celebrate all over again. This past Christmas, I was lucky to have played with bassist/guitarist André Lachance and bassist Sean Cronin at the Prophouse Cafe, a neat little joint with props everywhere. It was a great turnout, and I was lucky to have the event captured by two amazing artists: Allen Ping Fong and Chi-Ho Yeung. Allen did the sound and video, and Chi-Ho took some great photos of the guys and I.

Upclose and personal

By Chi-Ho Yeung

And another:

André Lachance, Sean Cronin and I

Things are looking up this year as I’m currently booking an Albertan tour – details to be confirmed but for now, I’m super excited to be touring again. The last time I pulled something like this was about 3 years ago, with Charlie Austin, Kodi Hutchinson, Karl Schwonik and Joe Lubinsky-Mast. I’m currently working on a new demo, all thanks to FACTOR for supporting this project and the musicians involved. The paperwork needs to be done, then, voila! A new demo, out of thin air.

So what else? I’m babysitting and teaching. I feel the need to find something more, so I’m going to push for more gigs around the city. I think I’m going to check out a show tonight at Nublu ( Avishai Cohen will be playing with his newly formed group, so I’m looking to get some inspiration tonight.

That will be it for tonight, I’ve become what you might call a “jazz cat”, hanging out solely at night and allergic to daylight. I can’t seem to have normal people hours in my sleep regimen these days. Toodulu!

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