Thank you!!

I finally arrived to JFK on Wednesday morning after a five-hour flight with four kids crying…needless to say, I slept soundly when I got back, and my bed welcomed me with open arms.

Thanks to all of you who came out to support my music!! Vancouver was a packed house as well as Calgary! I am so very grateful to have worked with Tilden Webb, Adam Thomas, Jesse Cahill, Jim Head, Mike Lent and Tyler Hornby. I was so overjoyed to see so many familiar faces.

As a young lady, I frequented the Cellar Jazz Club to see many great acts and I had somewhat of an out-of-body experience standing on that stage with stellar musicians behind me. As for the Beatniq, the place was packed, and Rob, the owner, told me that the phone was ringing off the hook as I walked downstairs towards my soundcheck. The Yardbird Suite was such a treat. I felt so honoured to perform in one of Canada’s best jazz venues. The thing that really floored me about the place was not only that they have a chauffeur to drive you from the airport if needed, nor the fact that they hook you up with a hotel room if you’re coming from out of town, but the mere idea that it was run by VOLUNTEERS! That’s a lot of heart, if I must say so myself. Tracy Kolenchuk, the head volunteer, took some great photos, and I’ll post them when I get around to sorting out all the other things I must do.

My EP ‘Thoughts and Verses’ sold quite well, pretty good for the first tour! I was thinking about going up to Montreal and Toronto to tour with the EP as well – hmmm.

So now I’m back in Brooklyn. The Beastie Boys weren’t kidding when they rapped about ‘No Sleep ’til _____’

Gotta love it, gotta live it.

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