New Trax

Hurricane Sandy has arrived, and it certainly feels nice to stay inside for once and  work on things I have overlooked in the past couple of weeks or even months! I was in the recording studio in Queens a three weeks ago with producer Jai Titus, laying down some vocals on top of some tracks he made. An engineer by the name of Twin conducted the whole process, and I have never worked with such an efficient engineer in my life. As far as the track goes, you won’t be able to hear it for a while since Jai and I are gonna keep things under wrap to prevent any “leaking”. Here are some pics from tha studio:

Queen Aliyah and her presence in the studio. This was, needless to say, a very eye-opening experience as I’m delving into the R&B world, as well as the singer-songwriter realm.

Speaking of such, I got to play in two of my most favorite venues in NYC – Rockwood Music Hall and The Living Room -both in the same night! It’s always so great to play at Rockwood, the sound onstage and offstage is amazing, not to mention the overall ambiance of the venue caters to an intimate discourse between performer and audience. At 7pm, I hit the stage with my main guys, Rob Ritchie (g), Zack Lober (b) and Zach Mangan (d); playing with them was like riding in a smooth you don’t notice how fast you’re going. We’re sounding more and more cohesive as a group, and I can’t wait to get into the studio to do a FULL LENGTH ALBUM with them. More to come with that, so stay tuned! Post show, we headed over to Snack Dragon for some killin’ tacos! Yumz. Then at 9pm, I headed over to The Living Room, THE venue which I have yearned to play at since I arrived in NYC. I met up with Peirson Ross, fellow Canadian and singer-songwriter extraordinaire. Peirson invited me to play piano on his tune Simone and sing backup vocals on one of his new tunes. It was a privilege and an honor. The next day, we visited the Gibson headquarters where Peirson is endorsed from. It was so cool to see remnants of the Beatles and their legacy on the walls, signed Les Paul guitars, showrooms, and the “hospital rooms” where beat-up Gibsons get their “treatment”.

I’ve also got some shows coming up in November, one on the 1st, at Pianos that happens at 7pm, and another at Zirzamin with my new found friends from Barcelona, Pau Figueres (g) and Adrian Gonzalez (p) on November 9th at 9pm.

Stay well and stay tuned…