December Never Looked So Good…

Post Turkey-Day, I’ve been recovering from assault from fat and salt for about a week now. As a result I’ve come down with a bit of a cold, probably from 4 consecutive nights of hanging and partying. I’m not getting any younger, that’s for sure! Some exciting news though, I’ve got three gigs coming up in the first two weeks of December. Definitely an improvement from last year.

Here they are:

Sunday, December 2nd @ Caffe Vivaldi with Keisuke Matsuno (g) and Nathan Ellman-Bell (d) (6pm)

Thursday, December 6th @ Pianos, solo show (8:30pm)

Saturday, December 15th @ Ella Lounge with Pau Figueres (g), Adrian Gonzalez (p), Patrick Reid (b)

In other news, I’ve been in and out of the studio making scratch tracks for my debut album – we so excited. More on that as the weeks progress. I’ll keep you posted!