Hello Goodbye

“The story of Life is quicker than the blink of an eye. The story of Love is hello and goodbye” -Jimi Hendrix

Just a quote I thought to myself recently. A quote that resurfaced after my first boyfriend said to me as we parted ways fourteen years ago. It’s time for new changes! Spring is just around the corner and I feel the anxiety among people as they ache to be freed from Winter’s merciless grip. As for myself, a metamorphosis of sorts is taking place: spiritually, mentally, physically.

More progress has been made with the record and it’s getting more and more exciting as we (as in Nir and I) lay down more tracks, do more edits and tie up loose ends. Nir has just released his record (which you all should check out on iTunes) and we’re trying to juggle everyone’s schedule. Lesson #1 about making an album: BE PATIENT. Especially with people you really want to work with. The last time we went to the studio was earlier this month, at Flux Studio in Dumbo. A great project studio overlooking the water and Brooklyn Bridge. Pianist Jesse Fischer was the engineer and he did an amazing job with editing and laying down some keys for us. I got goosebumps just listening to my music come to life with these heavy cats recording on it.

In other news, about a month ago, I was asked to participate in the annual ’30 Under 30′ in The Richmond Review, a local publication from my hometown Richmond, British Columbia. So I went ahead and answered all the questions presented to me, not knowing what was going to happen next. “The editor may want to use your photo for the front page”, said Matt Hoekstra, the reporter for the article. “No way”, said I. So here it is:


To read the article, click here.

No shows of mine have been booked for this year yet, but I will be playing some cocktail gigs around town for a bit, check out the ‘Events’ section of my site and you’ll see upcoming dates. Until then, stay tuned!!